American Thanksgiving

My first priority was on eating, so the first picture comes after I've already had one plate of food.

Bomi wanted her picture taken.

This is after we all had our first helpings.

And there's Shawn.

Ken showed up late and claimed Morgan had told him it started at 9.

...Whatever That Means band picture.

Maya's family picture.

Skinny gets a bit high.

Don't worry, drugs are okay.

Jesse already had on the Christmas sweater.

I had to cheer for the Dallas Cowboys despite the fact they were losing so badly.

Thanks, Maya.

Billy Carter left early.

Mizno only drinks orange juice.

Down in front!

A POV shot of some Mexican food about to be eaten.

Trash on her throne in World Domination, Inc headquarters.

Hong Gu's throne is less impressive.

This picture reminds me of the Buddhist Trikaya

Careful or Hong Gu will eat your cracker.

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