Totoro's Neighbourhood

Our journey started with a feast.

This week, there was active demolition.

Still plenty of quiet alleys.

For some reason, Nels held his breath when he put this helmet on.

There was one lonely ginkgo tree in this yard shedding its leaves one final time.

An old empty alley.

A lonely cat.

A long fall.

Some action shots of Nels getting through this old alley.

A questionable name for a pizza place. Great phone number though.

One of the less expected finds.

Whoever lived here was well travelled.


I left Nels with my camera and he took some of these.

Oops, wrong roof.

How do I get over there?

The upper roof overlaps the lower one at this corner.

Still safer to just drop with a bit of forward momentum.

Or do this.

Call me Ishmael.

Now it's Nels' turn.

I found a lot of things on roofs this time.

Including this badass biker.

That's a lot of stairs.

Next we found an abandoned punching bag.

Nels warms up with some chinups.

Things got a little steamy up there.

We each took a different building to save time and see who would find the most interesting thing. This was Nels'.

I spotted this from across the way in Jessica's building.

Ultimately she won.

What is this, a dentist's waiting room?

Reconnecting with an old friend.

This picture desperately needs a reshoot.

My Neighbour Totoro.

We ended up on the same overlook at the end of the trip.

Then we went for Uzbek food.

Hitting the subway home.

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