SKKU Uphill

I walk by the Law School on my way home.

Still don't know the story behind these red spheres everywhere.

Another school.

Students arriving at the bus stop.

The main English-language student magazine.

It was a surprisingly clear day.

Pepero Day leftovers.

A group of seonbis at the old campus.
I managed to get both trees just as they were at the height of colour change.

Charlotte came for a visit from Yonsei.

When Belgians stand like this, it means they're getting ready to charge.

And then one morning, I was woken up around 7am by students coming to take the Suneung test. The group at the front gate is made of younger students there to cheer them on.

This is what 42 Indonesian students look like.

We happened to be there during a Confucian ceremony where they opened the gates. And look, orbz!

The ceremony wasn't that exciting.

I'd figured Indonesia doesn't get much snow, but I never processed that this means they also don't get falling leaves.

As soon as she saw me taking a picture, she hurried out of the way.

Volunteers selling cookies in front of my office.

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