Iron Lung at Jogwang Photo Studio

On my way.

The first band was Nahu.

Next was the Kitsches.

This is the first time I've seen them since Trash joined.

Next was Dead Gakkahs.

I was in a much better place to get pictures of Hur2u.

Tendons and veins.

And then she was the only one photographable outside.

I unfortunately missed Find the Spot. Next band I saw was the Geeks.

Fortunately Changeun of Find the Spot took part in the Geeks performance.

Changeun really beat himself up during his own set.

Kiseok was shaking his head violently from left to right.

My only consolation is that I probably ruined Juyoung's picture too.

We've all seen the way Korean people will drink someone else's drink without touching the bottle to their lips, but is rolling your eyes back in your head also part of it? I've seen this before.

That's more like it.

And one more.

End of the set.

Iron Lung sets up.

They moved the drumkit pretty far forward, so there was a lot of free room behind the band.

As I was editing these I started getting messages from "Marsha Mallow." How did she know?

A Star Trek movie appeared to wander by.

Ken's on the job.

Don't hurt Ken!

This one made the cut for Yoong-gang's expression.

Is that what Juyoung was laughing about?

Out on the street at midnight with no shoes.

I can't remember who these people were.

Everyone else got together for a group photo.

First Juyoung's.

Now my turn.

Then it was time for food with Ken.

And exercises.

My way home.

Oh yeah, Pepero Day is coming.

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