Funkafric Bluestar

Jessica looks trapped behind the table.

Charlotte spent a large portion of the show on her phone, as she was working on an article.

This was the start of their second set which they began with "I'm Still in Love with You" by Alton Ellis.

Not the greatest picture at all but it captured the playing of this instrument well. What are these things called again?

One very good picture of Lim Ji-hoon.

Jacco was too big to fit in our room.

One straight-on picture of the band.

For most of the show I was in this position so it was easiest to photograph the guitarist.

I wish there wasn't so much shoulder in the way.

Break between the second and third sets.

I like how this turned out.

What it should have looked like.



End of the set.

So much colour.

I recently discovered the owner of Blue Star is my neighbour.

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