Overlooking the Sewoon Sangga complex from the southernmost tower. Never realised before but it points directly at SKKU.

Jessica's Chinese genes take over whenever she gets close to the ledge.

There was something happening in the street.

Across the way, we could see that hotel with the penthouse. I swear I saw someone in a fursuit, and someone in lingerie. At first I was optimistic we were seeing an orgy or porn film shoot. Nothign else confirmed it.

We stopped by Magpie to abduct Tyler. Why doesn't he want us to cheer up? Rotate the cup to see the full message.

Anyway, we were a bit early for the train.

A bit way too early.

Break area for subway construction workers.


He has a very distinct shadow. This picture was supposed to be of the railroad tracks.

A few late-night convenience store beers.

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