SKKU Halloween

The headlights on this bus did something interesting to my lens.

This is what the men's washrooms in my building look like.

A quick trip to the National Museum of Korea.

I had a large supply of Smarties which I decided to share at work on Halloween. There were a number of Americans who didn't know the difference between Canadian and American Smarties.

The bus to Suwon.

Another bus, maybe also to Suwon?

I've been trying to figure out who this girl displayed in the students' union building is.

Anyway, the building has a decent roof.

Business Building.


It was a good time to photograph Jongyeonggak.

Anyway, time for lots of leaf pictures. These are all from the 500-year-old trees.

Now over in front of Bicheondang.

A new favourite picture to photograph people.

I had a similar picture in the spring only with spring blossoms.

These ginkgo leaves are slowly turning yellow. The yellow starts in the tips and spreads toward the stems.

There was an education program with young kids doing all sorts of traditional activities including tug-of-war.

And back here again.

A better shot of the urinals. This one is on a different floor.

The girls aren't all the same.

This is the highest the buses go.

The wall of the secret garden of Changdeokgung.

A bunch of SKKU students dressed up in costumes and descended on the old campus.

Still playing tug-of-war.

This is not what Korean witches would look like.

A lot of the kids were curious, confused, or scared.

One of the SKKU students ran after the kids. Not adviseable, because at least one will always want to stand up to you and attack.

The guy in the middle was supposed to be in a dokkaebi costume. That's supposed to be a horn and a club. Why not?

A ton of photojournalists showed up to photograph them.

You can see leaves falling in the background.

Then we had them start here and walk towards us.

Occasionally this one tree would just shed a ton of leaves.

Now some of the guys hoisted others on their backs.

They chased after me across the grounds.

And back here again.

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