We walked through Gwanghwamun to find the street completely filled with participants in a race.

This guy had a weird bike I didn't get a better look at.

Took me a while to figure out what these tents were for. Turns out there're changing rooms.

We leapt over all that remains of one of the streams feeding Cheonggyecheon, Baekundongcheon.

Gyeongbokgung looks a lot different compared to Elaine's last visit, when the Japanese governor general building was still standing.

There was some sort of performance in Gyeongbokgung.

We headed over to Jogyesa where there were a lot of flowers.

And the rear end of a cow for some reason.

Just so that last picture doesn't seem as weird, here's a cow eye.

Elaine didn't have anyone to pose with.

Then we went up to the roof of the building where my parents stayed the previous month.

Sohhee can't lift Nels. What a one-sided relationship.

We hdeaded over to Sungkyunkwan since we had so much time.

Elaine got a facefull of leaves.

Then we went out for galbi.

And ran into a bunch of Australians at the usual makgeolli place.

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