Still Alive: The Death of Spot

I showed up in time for Burning Hepburn.

Probably any overweight guy with sunglasses is going to be asked if he's dressed up as Psy.

Their bassist lost his guitar strap.

New bass.

Time for the Geeks. Kiseok's costume was...minimal.

I flipped this horizontally to make it easier to read.

This picture of Jesus and Satan didn't work out as well as I'd hoped.

Paul's costume consisted of a hat and possibly a shirt.

Anyway, back inside for the next band.

...Whatever That Means.

I guess they're doing something Harry Potter-related this year?

That's more like it.

Time for Skasucks.

Everyone in the band had a medical-themed costume.

Well, except for one.

Good thing there were medics there, because Goyang collapsed again.

Next was Pinheads, the Ramones tribute band.

Cliff must really love their music.

Yeah, thanks for that, Ken.

Jani brought out her baseball bat.

Time for fresh air again.

This girl had a lot of trouble walking straight.

And there's Satan again.

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