TransitionCity: Hacking the City Festival

I found myself walking over this vent before I remembered what had happened earlier that weekend.

An old partially constructed building.

Another vent, this one in front of Yonsei. I was worried how the pieces don't fit neatly together. They were welded down.

Anyway, let's get hacking.

Garfield gave me a casual nod.

I got there in time for Dead Gakkahs.

This blood donation guy seemed to like the music, but he was probably waiting around to collect blood from anyone who fell too hard.

Quick, get up before the blood drop guy comes!

A bunch of Korean punks held the blood drop guy at bay before he could harvest the fallen mosher.

Then we all had to run for it before he harvested our blood.

No wait, we have to run the other way for some reason!

Meanwhile, there's another stage down that way.

Mizno was up there for two bands in a row. Next is Find the Spot.

There's that blood guy again.

The guy in the green and white sweater was probabjy just yawning, but it sure looks like I caught him in a moment here.

Then the speaker stopped working.

Maintenance time.

More maintenance time.

This old guy came over and said something to Mizno. I asked him right after, and he said the old guy told him "You guys have to play." Which Korea are we in again? I thought there were only two, neither of which hardcore was smiled upon.

The Find the Spot set was cut short, even before we could find that spot.

"Come on, we wanna mosh!"

I went off on my own to find a good rooftop.

Oh, this one will do fine.

But now there's no band.

Oh well, nice ledge.

Nothing happening down here.

On the other end of the street, Hellivision was playing.

Shawn keeps a watchful eye over his daughter and her friend.

Setting up for something else.

And setting up for Scumraid.

Never Daniel needs music fast.

A bike-operated cotton candy machine.

The woman in the mint-green jacket and red turtleneck was glaring at Juyoung a lot.

Once Juyoung started playing, the woman approved and began moving to the beat, which is not hard to do with crust punk.

I went back up to the roof in time to see the Scumraid set from 13 storeys up.

Lights are turning on.

There were kids playing up here.

This next act was either .59 or ECE.

Meanwhile, there was flashlight dancing.

This must've been PNSB or Cong Vu.

Paul came and we returned to the roof in time for the blue hour.

Blue hour over.

There's a motel over there with what looks like a penthouse.

Another "What are you looking at?" picture, made better by the guy's stranglehold.

Want to have a successful career in show biz? Get a giant bubble wand.

Or practice musical instruments for years, I guess. This is Danpyunsun and the Sailors.

I didn't notice at the time, but get a load of that guy's ankles.

Going barefoot in Sinchon seems a whole lot more natural in comparison.

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