Seoul Station Overpass

In this picture, we were standing in reflected light from a skyscraper.

We went back up to the first rooftop I'd visited to watch the cleanup process on the overpass.

Jacco wanted his picture taken with Namsan.

Specifically this pose.

A more proper group photo.

Jaeeun demonstrates the proper way to open a bag of chips.

Suddenly, cars were allowed back on the overpass.

We brought enough food and drinks to stay up there a while.

That one building looks like it's in bad shape.

We figured it wasn't going to be much of a sunset, but then the far edge of the clouds became visible just over the horizon.

The Sun came out on its way down for one last visit.

The city changed colour around us as the golden hour approached.

In the distance, 63 Building glistens golden.

The Sun is about to set.

And there it goes.

Of course the lighting on the clouds remained for a while longer.

This might be the only picture with me in it.

Now the colours are becoming redder.

Getting better for traffic photography as the blue hour approaches.

63 is still bright red.

Looking toward Ansan.



One last picture, with an airplane.

We went to the Red-Light District for supper.

Then we visited the railroad bar.

Jaeeun made a new friend.

This homeBoy gets jiggy with your TV, or something.

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