Seoul Station Overpass

Time to cross the overpass.

The overpass begins near this bridge.

First, a few candids.

Jaeeun brought along enough makgeolli to last us to the other side.

To get this picture, I was standing on part of an old exit ramp previously removed.

Charlotte's turn.

A rare opportunity to take pictures from this angle.

As well as a giant ball.

A pretty good view of Sungnyemun.

I believe if you pedalled their bike enough, they'd give you a drink of some kind.

The ball's coming back. Move, Jacco!

We ran into a friend of Jacco's he said was an author.

An old picture showing the construction. The hill in the distance is still there, looking very similar despite the number of highrises on its northern slope.

This map confirms that there used to be an exit ramp allowing traffic to go from the east side and exit south.

This building has been around since the days when it was the tallest thing around.

We opened up the third bottle Jaeeun had brought, the omija makgeolli.

There's always a bubble guy.

Good technique for taking pictures and drinking at the same time.

He began moving away, playing music and creating bubbles. It kind of reminded me of the Pied Piper.

There were a number of surveys about what to do with the overpass. One was for naming it, and the other was whether to turn it into a green space (left) or demolish it (middle) or build a new overpass (right).

...No drinking?

As we reached the far end, they were packing up. We were a bit startled to see this truck drive by.

Below us was still traffic.

Yeah, sure that's a VW bus.

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