Seoul Station Overpass

I did a lot of scouting before finally finding a roof.

Are You Sensing the Next?

A bit trippy.

Over to the west, you can see a now mostly demolished neighbourhood next to Sohn Kee-chung Park.

Looking north.

Zooming in more, you can see people on the overpass.

Looking up toward Namsan Tower. I wonder if they ever reopened the revolving restaurant on the slope.

Who ever thought this would be a good name for anything?

Here's a smaller version of the building I'm inside.

The view from the roof was a bit closer than the last one.

Click for a panorama.

Looking closer, you can see they've only enabled one ramp for people to walk on.

Looking in other directions.

I'd never noticed that temple-looking building before.

Another look toward Sohn Kee-chung.

I was not alone on this roof.

The major grocery stores close a couple Sundays a month in an attempt to let the traditional markets compete.

The department stores don't close.

I got up to the back of Seoul Station, when I got a call from Jaeeun inside.

There's Robot Taekwon V relaxing on the roof.

This angle was less interesting than I'd hoped.

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