This picture is not unlevel. The ground is unlevel. Welcome to Korea.

The ghosts of dead children enter through the spirit gate.

Seo Junkie, the president of the Sungkyunkwan Confucian Institute.

So many kids.

As was pointed out on my RASKB tour, there is a typo. I wonder if I'll be able to get anyone to care enough to replace it.

They put a crane within sight of my window.

Jungang School.

The view from my home.

"My Juicy Girl" -- is it really not known among the Korean public what juicy girls are?

The sunlight hit the back wall of Changdeokgung in an interesting way.

I found this plaque over a fence. No idea why it would be thrown out.

This is also where baseballs go to die.

There is just a big gap between the palace wall and whatever is on the left.

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