Abandoned Neighbourhood

I was on my way to an RASKB meeting when I passed by this guy in traditional Korean funerary wear picketing in front of Hyundai E&C. A few keywords caught my eye, and I discovered that a section of an old neighbourhood I used to live in was slated for demolition. I Asked the guy to pose, thanked him and wished him luck, and set to planning a visit to the area.

Here it is, the nice ridge along the side of the mountain. I'm not sure how far down the redevelopment zone encroaches, possibly all the way to the buildings in the lower frame. That big grey one in the middle seemed vacated.

From where I was, I couldn't quite tell if these were abandoned. Looking at the original image, it becomes apparent.

And over in the at direction is another neighbourhood that should be worried. When I lived here back in 2007-2009, those three highrise complexes in this image were yet to be built.

This looks like fun.

A little too wide a gap for me to do anything crazy.

A police notice.

There was one burned out place here.

That'll keep everyone out.

I went this way only to find a dead end. As I was leaving, an old man confronted me.

This way led all the way up and would be a viable way to go hiking.

Looks like parking is okay here, or my Korean still isn't good enough.

These moving trucks were parked up at the top.

Many but not all of the homes are clearly abandoned. There's a distinct lack of smashed windows here.

There weren't many buildings easy to get inside.

This house was part of a Buddhist temple.

Looks like there was a kid here who was into web developing.


As best as I can tell, this was a very small Buddhist temple.

There was a lot of old jewelry left out in the rain here.

I hit another roof for another view of the area.

I believe the blue-roofed house is the temple I found.

Looking toward the river.

I give it five years.

Walking back toward the station.

The traditional market in the area is about the same as I remember, though I think I heard parts of it have been removed.

Time for some market candids.

I used to live somewhere this way.

I bet the juvenile delinquents I remember from this time are all out of university now.

This house was a lot more abandoned looking when I lived around the corner.

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