SKKU Festival

It looks like the entries in a calligraphy contest were displayed on the traditional dormitories.

Kingston Rudieska headlined the first night of the festival.

I was with Charlotte, Walter formerly from Stingers ATX, and Brian formerly from Aggrolites.

Not really that close to the band.

I went backstage and had to go through a bit of a process. Eventually Gukjin, the band manager, was called over and he immediately approved of me being there.

Seokyul runs past.

And back on stage.

Another day, another picture of the calligraphy.

A cafe of some kind was set up in front of the Business Building.

There was a flea market set up.

Myeongnyundang was host to a classical opera concert.

I was a lot more interested in taking pictures of the buildings than the performers.

I've never seen the old campus at night before. Normally it's locked up.




Now here they are animated together.

And the president gave a speech.

Time to go.

Meanwhile, uphill, the festival was just getting started.

That's a lot of devices.

School Ruined My Ufe

Show's over.

On the third day, there was some kind of traditional flea market in the old campus, unrelated to us.

Meanwhile, there was this.

Back home.

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