We had cutlassfish for lunch, a specialty of Mokpo.

It hasn't arrived yet.

So, these are apparently figs.

I really hope Coolio is getting kickbacks for this.

An old sauna.

Japanese consulate.

I don't know what this is but that's quite a building.

Looking up Yudalsan.

An old village on the side of the mountain. It seems to be slated for redevelopment, but still is far from that.

Some buildings around here were already abandoned.

This was an interesting architectural clash.

I highly doubt that building is occupied.

Much younger, better preserved buildings at the bottom.

Not very traditional.

Another set of clashing styles.

The dancing fountain of Mokpo.

Wish I'd rented one of these.

That walkway is for visitors to get a closer look at Gatbawi.

Looks like Miru has gotten out of the camel business and opened her own love motel.

Another interesting architectural style.

The downtown area of Mokpo has streets lined with these metal things.

We checked into a motel in the new part of Mokpo, a newly constructed area that is actually symmetrical.

There are a lot of museums in the area.

The maritime museum had ancient Koryo shipwrecks.

This toy doll is a little too phallic for me.

The natural history museum across the street had an unusual exhibit on animals made from everyday items. Normally you should be worried if you see an angel in a natural history museum.

I found this roadkill cat more worrying.

This squid and octopus pair are not here to mess around.

Are women and children incapable of drowing?

There's a washroom somewhere up there.

We took the walkway out to visit Gatbawi.

And this saves me some typing.

While we watched, the person closer to me caught another fish.


My motel window directly looked out onto the dancing fountain.

It looked like rain was imminent that evening.

Roofs aren't actually all that terrifying when you can see them in person.

We went to Chuncheon for supper.

And back to Mokpo for the dancing fountain.

The first song in the first two performances we saw seemed to sample Chubby Checker and the Fat Boys, if I heard right.

The road on the left is the central axis running through this area.

I think this is from my window now.

We went back to Mokpo Station the next day to return to Seoul.

Wandering around before the train, we found this. Apparently it's the "5-Way Culture Center" but I can't find much more information on it.

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