The Vietnamese students had their own booth set up.

The Chinese students had a booth right next door. This is their association president making something they described as a Chinese hamburger.

Three weird takes on the bunetal mask.

Over in the sports field, it was very hot.

The PKU students were here to play a soccer game against SKKU.

Lots of balloons were released, and probably ended up in the farmland nearby.

The trophy.

Looking for a good roof to photograph from, I ended up in this catwalk system.

Up on the roof, I got an okay view of the baseball diamond.

And the library.

And a better view of the tennis courts.

And an alright view of the sports field.

Not the easiest roof to walk on.

Rollerblading down the street.

I saw these students playing with water balloons.

And here it is in one image.

They had one of these things. There was a lot of "Bar Bar Bar" played that day.

This roof was doable but not pleasant.

I went back to the sports field to see cheerleaders.

Must have been a competition.

I think this was the final score.

And then there was this.

The Chinese students began moving their booth.

The sun was setting and the light was changing fast.

Kick King Kong's ass.

Relay race.

Then I hit a roof to watch the sun set.

In this picture there's a sudden sharp change to the light on the roof.

I used to live in one of those buildings.

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