Guerrilla Show in Sinchon

I got there as Huqueymsaw was playing.

Next band was Christfuck.

Up in the trees.

This needs to be a Yuppie Killer acoustic album cover.

The underpass, which is where I initially thought the show would take place.

Haru was working at a free vegan food stand.

It did not make me sick.

Last band was Find the Spot.

Guess what song he's singing.

Anyone up for some light photoshopping?

Double flash.

A swing and a miss.

Hey everyone, the show's over here.

Ah, there's the elusive spot, right in the middle of that nuclear symbol.

Show's over, everyone. I found the spot.

Jesus accepted your friend request...but put you on limited profile.


The woman running this stand right next to the show area seemed completely tolerant of this show, even with the anti-religion black metal bands playing there.

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