New Generation of Ska Festival Part 2

The merch table never stopped being busy.

Next band was Rollings.

The beer garden.

Lots of kids were watching.

Taking her own pictures.

Byungsun offered me some random nuts.

I wonder where the flag came from.

Eshe and Mini-Eshe showed up.

Now here's Skasucks.

And here's Victor with Mini-Victor.

Jinsuk spent a lot of time down in the trench, but I mostly took video of that.

I got onto another roof, this one just a booth along the street. The view worked better here for the rest of the show.

I took my shoes off to prevent any damage or noise from being up there.

There she goes again.

Someone killed the keyboardist.

The only reason I'm including this shot is in case Goyang wants to know who touched her head.

Last band was Bruce Lee Band. I got back on the roof and continued shooting.

I was followed up by a couple Korean punks but they didn't stick around long.

She looks terrified.

I headed backstage for my shoes.

Time for a few pictures from up front.

And it's waffle time.

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