New Generation of Ska Fest part 1

There's that ratty old Garfield mascot advertising for a cat cafe and dancing to ska.

I got up on a nearby roof to try to find a better vantage point.

Here's Rudy Guns, the first band.

Next was Pegurians, with Wolly's female replacement.

Now here's No.1 Korean.

I got onto the roof of Hollys Coffee for a better view. I ran into one Korean punk up there who told me "I don't like your photos -- too aggressive -- but I like you."

Still, lots of trees in the way.

The blue tent served as the backstage area.

One girl walked into a shot I was going to take of the Autocratics guys.

Better, I guess.

Daryl was there.

Now here's Burning Hepburn.

And people on the roof.

What is this thing?

It's okay kid, nobody would blame you for freaking out right now.

Two happy couples.

Ska Wakers had to finish up early to play a festival back down south.

The Beach Valley guys hang out "backstage."

This picture oddly reminds me of a shot I took at the Shinchonji Olympiad, only less oppressive.

The merch table was busy the whole day.

Time for Beach Valley.

The lighting was perfect around now.

Paul finally arrived.

We hit a roof.

A new way to dance to ska.

The old way is probably better.

I took way way more pictures of the Autocratics. The main reason was probably light receding everywhere else.

Midair leap.

The sax player started going crazy.

Good thing not many people saw the back of his guitar. Also, hovering keyboardist.

It's official, this place is endorsed by Trash.

Last band in this gallery is Lazybone.


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