SKKU International Orientation

This was the degree-seeking student orientation.

Orientation for Class of 2030.

This was the orientation for exchange students.

The campus tour took us up to the 600th Anniversary Hall.

And the statue of Kim Changsuk.

And the library.

Then we went further up.

Now it was all downhill.

The Faculty Hall.

The Students' Union Building.

Another group trudges up.

Down in front of Bicheondang.

Heading into the old grounds.

Myeongnyundang is about to get crowded.

Now everyone comes in.

This was six pictures stitched together.

Another group shot.

Then it was time for food.

Pretty well everyone at SKKU uses elevators to go up one or two floors when climbing up the slope.

There was a very nice sunset.

This apartment complex was very ominous under the cloud.

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