SKKU Graduation

Flower sellers were out.

Shinsammun was opened to allow the Confucian spirits to enter.

Graduating students were on the left, faculty on the right.

Security was physically active in making sure no one crossed over the spirit path.

Here comes the president of SKKU.

Then everyone paraded out.

Walking alongside the spirit path.

I took a shortcut to get ahead of the group.

Here they come.

Beneath the Lego mural.

These dancers marched up Geumjandi Square where they would perform the palilmu dance.

Now I need to find out who this is.

And here comes the parade.

Here's the palilmu dancers in formation. I forgot my phone at my desk so I couldn't get any video.

There's the VP International on the left, with other vice presidents and the president.

This must be about when the dance began.

The president gives a speech.

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