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The Business in Gyeongbokgung

We visited Cheonggyecheon, which it turns out some of them had seen in a documentary on Japanese TV.

We walked past Boshingak.

Of course it turned out they were quite interested to see the Eye of Sauron.

We stopped in Ssamziegil to use the pisser.

We headed over to Jogyesa.

Back in Hongdae, we received blessings from Jesus and God through the "Jesus God Bless You" woman. I hadn't seen her in a couple years, so I was quite happy to see her again and receive the blessing.

Rumour has it (at least, the rumour I'm starting now) that she divorced her husband because despite his wealth he insisted on selling makgeolli out of a cart. They have one adult daughter together, who spends her free time drinking in Hongdae and arguing with thin air.

Thoroughly blessed, we headed over to Magpie for beer.

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