Sunset of the Year

Overlooking the southern end of Sewoon Arcade.

Heading up to the helipad, we saw a CCTV camera so we figured we didn't have time. But when we went up we found two girls sitting up there who told us they've never had a problem.

The northern end of Sewoon Arcade.

This picture shows my work and my home. I zoomed in on the original and was able to find my roof, though it's lost somewhere in the upper left here.

Mathieu whipped out the tripod and got ready for a long shoot.

From all angles.

Doing this sort of thing caused the girls to leave quickly.

There were heavy gusts of wind, and it was raining lightly.

But the lighting was amazing.

The sunset began.

It just got better and better.

Guess which one ran out of batteries. I was on my last tick too.

Then we saw not one but two rainbows.

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