This subway map shows what's around here. Nothing. Even many of the roads indicated on this map are dirt trails for construction vehicles. Although it seems like the land over by Sinbanghwa has been all developed now.

This is right next to Magongnaru Station.

There's a little peninsula of public use land for subway access here. I was otherwise surprised that there were a fair amount of people using the station.

Moving into the new apartments here.

Here's my attempt at a panorama from the roof.

A narrower look at just the subway access area.

The quality of the land.

There are many large hills here.

Don't throw out matches.

Weeds grow freely.

Construction machinery here varied in age and condition.

Here's a 360-degree panorama. Click the picture for full size.


I surprised these birds but I was more surprised there was anything living in here.

This actually reminds me of a Mythbusters episode.

Looking back the way I'd come.

This bulldozer was in bad shape.

And apparently uninsured.

In this section, it looked like the land was from demolished buildings.

In most places it was more like this.

Building storm drains.

Looking back the way I came.

Two types of tracks.

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