Looking out over City Hall, Deoksugung, and the UK embassy.

A closer look, so you can see the bizarre girl on the side of City Hall, as well as the Asiana stewardess peeking in from up Sogong Road.

That skinny white building is currently a restaurant. It used to be abandoned for a few years. I kept those pictures hidden for a few reasons, so maybe it's time to have a second look.

Looking north. If I'd taken a few steps to the left, there would've been a good view of Cheong Wa Dae.

The whole Gwanghwamun area.

Looking up Jongno.

There was a helipad up here.

Go for a swim, then visit a brownfield zone.

This was what I wanted to view, the old Sunwonteo compound. More on this soon.

I took this picture looking at all the buildings, thinking I'd like to try to get onto the one on the left. Then I discovered it was abandoned.

Oh yeah, no way am I getting in there.

I can confirm it has been in this state since at least 2010.

There are some nice places up behind the abandoned highrise.

This strange little building is part of the old Russian legation, where King Gojong hid following the assassination of his wife.

Weird reflections.

Take a picture of a sign to translate later, only to discover it seems to be warning against translation.

The tree in the middle appears to have historic value.

The giant girl holding the LED.

What's better than the Asiana stewardess?

How about two of her?

The "golden plot," paved over and used as a parking lot for years.

From the front.

On the walk home.

The Eye of Sauron sees all.

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