A closer look at the Hanok that's being meticulously "preserved" in Bukchon.

I got onto a rooftop to have a better look at Unhyeonggung, the redheaded stepchild of Seoul's palaces.

As far as I can tell, the blue netting just signifies minor renovations.

A striking building with ominous logo. Might look more at home in Pyongyang (that is not an insult).

Cheondogyo Central Temple is a lot more interesting than I would've expected.


Ah, okay, this building is connected with the temple.

A closer look at the renovations in Unhyeonggung.

Still not entirely sure what is up on the ridge.

Hyundai E&C headquarters stands in front of Changdeokgung.

The Eye of Sauron, gazing down on some urban renewal at its footstep.

And also, this area has been empty since 2011.

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