22 February: this is my view when I first moved in.

Note the circled Hanok.

Here is a closer look.

21 April: A couple months later, I discovered it was being destroyed.

22 April: I went inside and found this calendar turned to December 2012.

23 April: more demolition. It's clear they won't save any of the building materials.

The way in is barricaded.

29 April: They clear out the remaining debris.

30 April: Cleared out.

8 May: the lot has been empty a while, but these little sticks tied with string begin showing up.

11 May: and building materials show up.

12 May: a closer look at the sticks. They're likely tracing the measurements of a future building.

14 May: digging happens

17 May: concrete foundation is poured.

A closer look.

20 May: pipes appear.

21: construction blankets go up.

A closer look.

This appears to be the architect firm.

A very old looking bottle in the dirt.

4 June: Activity resumes on election day.

7 June: more building supplies appear.

13 June: the structure starts to form.

14 June: one wing.

Two wings.

15 June: netting is placed over the structure when they aren't working.

17 June: beams start moving up.

19 June: Those beams are fitting into place.

20 June: Now they are covered by flat pieces of wood.

21 June

22 June: signage out front.

24 June

27 June: another layer on the roof.

28 June: the roof is coated in clay and tiling begins.

30 June

1 July

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