Starting off, I catch the bus in Bukchon.

First view of the Electronics Market. Even less left now.

Under the ramp, you can see a number of tents belonging to homeless people.

The overpass.

Heading down to the food court.

Somebody cut her face out.

This staircase has probably been partly damaged at the top. This is the closest I'd get.

Back outside in civilisation...almost.

Looking down over the electronics market, the railyard, and the train station/mall.

Looking toward Seobi-icheon-dong. You can see Saenamteo peeking out from behind the abandoned post office.

And here it is in panorama form. Click for a larger verison.

Women's parking spots.

I was on top of a parking garage.

A closer look at demolition of the Electronics Market. Looks like they've demolished the top two levels.

Looking in the other direction.

These signs are protesting the construction of a video gambling horse racetrack here.

Looking in on the southern end of Yongsan Railyard where the old post office stands.

Saenamteo up close.

My research is failing me on this little area.

A higher up view of the railyard.

And Saenamteo.

Never thought I'd get onto one of these roofs. Never really wanted to.

3D rooftop: this one is for defocusing your eyes like you would a Magic Eye picture.

This one is for crossing your eyes.

Scary roof.

Looking down at Saenamteo from closer to the ground.

And the post office in the background.

I've been looking for a bar adjacent to the railroad tracks that one of the tour attendees suggested we hit at the very end. I think this is it.

Doing some maintenance on the exterior of a building.

This hospital has sat abandoned since at least April 2011. During Chuseok that year, we had a tense encounter with the police here.

On the other side, you can see the old Yongsan Railway Hospital.

And here's the field where an abandoned neighbourhood was demolished starting in 2008.

I decided to see if these buildings had any rooftops.

Well, a balcony was okay.

This is the spot where Namildang stood, where the Yongsan Disaster occurred on the morning of January 20, 2009.

Now that the Dream Hub project has completely faceplanted, it looks like Prugio and Raemian are moving in to build more standard housing. I think Prugio will get the area around Namildang and Raemian might be in front of Yongsan Station, where the red-light district stood.

Walking through the pocha tent village on the former site of the red-light district.

I took this through the window of the Raemian model home building. It does appear that Raemian will be between Yongsan and Sinyongsan stations.

Well at least there still is love.

Turns out Emart is closed every Sunday I want to go there.

Back in Jongno, just before we got hit by a powerful rain.

The fortune tellers next to Tapgol Park.

I climbed up on a roof to get a picture of the approaching stormclouds.

They approached a little faster than I thought so I hurried back after the first thunderbolt.

I was stuck under Nakwon Sangga for a few minutes.

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