Yongsan Electronics Market

Buster wanted to go, but he doesn't have a respirator with P100 filters.

Yongsan Generation

Looks like Raemian is also hawking unbuilt apartments.

The front steps of Yongsan Station.

There is less of the electronics market than was there one week earlier.

The crater that once was Yongsan Railyard.

Hooters Makes You Happy!

The second pedway.

Demolition has progressed.

No idea what these shoes mean. They were in front of the entrance to the Yongsan Railyard.

Inside, there was a lot more natural light getting in than last time.

This is all from the main floor.

You can see the bus parking spots here, remants of this building's time as a bus terminal.

Former pedway dock up on level 2.

Happy Holidays with Intel Inside.

This was the main section where you'd enter from the pedway from the station.

The hole left by the disconnected pedway.

Buy a notebook.

On the top floor, they have this coloured glass skylight.

I was desperate to get up on the roof to get my mask off.

Looking out over the railyard toward Seobuichon-dong.

Toward Yongsan Station.

Here you can see how close the pedway gets.

And there's Saenamteo.

My butt took this picture as I slung my camera over my shoulder and climbed down.

I didn't spend much time in the basement.

Back on the outside, trying to figure out a way back to civilisation.

Under the overpass.

This other electronics market building could be the next to go.

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