At the top of the stairs of Yongsan.

Up on the roof, they're playing a weird new variation of soccer.

Construction has started on the former red-light district.

Over here too. But they aren't going through with the original project.

There's also this often-forgotten corner over toward the northeast.

Still little to no change, though there are protest banners.

And I went to get a look at Yongsan Railyard, only to see that they're also demolishing Yongsan Electronics Market.

Well, here's the railyard.

They severed both overpasses leading to the building.

Demolition has already begun.

Up on the roof.

Looking back at Yongsan Station.

Looking over the railyard toward Seobuichon-dong and Saenamteo.

These look sort of like rockets.

Hard to tell the fate of this building. If the one I'm on is going, then this one probably doesn't have much time too.

The interior of the electronics market was a filthy mess.

I took a quick picture on the stairs but need to return with a tripod. .

An exterior entrance.

The first official Hooters in Korea.

I was in full view of way too many people taking the overpass here.

Control room.

My path.

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