Gay Pride Parade

The cops were planted in Anguk as always.

Meanwhile, over in Sinchon, the downfall of the world looks like a pretty tame street festival.

I had arrived late and it looks like I missed the big crowds.

By the time I got down to the street, this performance was surrounded by a huge audience.

Hey look, that guy seems to be having a good time on that roof.

What is up with this thing anyway? There's been a big concrete wreckage next to Sinchon's Burger King for ages.

Rooftop 2. I'd been expecting the Christian protesters to be up by the station. Turns out they were behind me, blocking the direction the parade wanted to move in. Some of the banners down by the intersection were anti-gay though, and some very bemused people were standing around guarding them. Too bad Christians don't throw good parties.

I tried to climb down, but my Spiderman costume really bunched up over my erection.

We used to call that park "Lesbian Park." Recently it was revealed that none of us remember why.

This is my terrified expression.

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