The Making of Dunburgers

First, we begin high up above Seoul.

There's Lotte Castle, which has the closest Emart to my home.

Looking north. I'm very curious what's happening on that hillside.

What is happening there?

Millie can haz raw cheezburger? I can see SKKU in that direction. My home is just over the ridge.

The patties are made small. If I do this again, I'd prefer they be 50-66% smaller.


First batch cooked.

First taste test was a success. Everything about it feels like Korean food until you put it in your mouth, and it's like someone set off a burger bomb. Very concentrated burst of flavour. The only issue I haven't addressed well is how to get the cheese on easily.

Also, I forgot that I have imported kosher pickles in my fridge. Oh well, there's always leftovers.

I bought fries specifically for this.

This is pretty well everything that went into the meal. In the future I'd really like to get more appropriate dishes, especially for the ketchup and mustard.

Millie can haz?

The french fry bowl also addressed another issue I was having, that received a perfect Korean solution. Where do I put the lettuce while I assemble everything? Balance it on the fries, just like you would with a bowl of rice.

They weren't as burned as they look.

And for leftovers, I used the pickles. I guess you could consider this the equivalent of adding kimchi.

Buster can haz cheezburger? He only ate the meat and left the cheez.

And the latest on the Hanok restoration: they've moved in some building materials.

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