SKKU Suwon Campus

There's a fairly nice outdoor cafe.

The streets were crowded with students between classes.

Reflections in the Samsung Library.

Inside the engineering building.

It really is way more green here than I remembered.

I was unable to figure out exactly what they were doing.

Due to the flatness of the land, there are a lot of bikes on this campus.

And there's a phone booth.

I used to live in the apartment complex in the distance.

There's the front of Samsung Library.

Ginkgo leaves.

Looks like they're building something new.

I took this from a balcony.

This is from the roof.

On the other side is Ilwol Lake.

Inside the library.

I feel kind of bad for a professor having this name.

Inside the walkway.

And I forgot my crossbow at home.

Joon-hee and a robot.

Catching the train back to Seoul.

Oddly, I'd just had a conversation about this university name. A professor was remarking on how this would look awkward on your resume.

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