Jarip Show

Once again there was an army of riot police in front of Anguk Station. There was another protest expected, and I'm starting to think the police use this part of the road to corral off protesters for arrest. If you're in a protest, avoid Hyundai E&C.

The entrance to the venue, which is also a photo studio.

It seems they rigged up an optical flash to go off whenever any of us used our own flashes.

The first band I managed to photograph was Dokkaebi Assault.

Then things got weird.

I'm pretty sure this was Sagal.

It looks like Iain broke a nail.

Yongjoon should've brought a comb.

What is happening with Chris' face?

Better question, what's happening with Yoong-gang's face?

And now it's time for Leon to bus a move.

That move is busted.

What did I just walk in on?

Last band was Gongguri.

Tel doesn't look so happy.

What did I just walk in on? Part 2.

Because of that bluish netting, I kept thinking I could see daylight.

Shortly after this I believe Ken rolled him into the recovery position.

Juyoung drives a car!

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