Oi Resolute Digital Single Release

Jesse was there early drinking Jesse's specials. Also the angle of this picture makes him look gigantic next to this girl who was actually much taller than him.

They had CD copies of the songs, but only for people who paid in advance. They also had hardcover zines, something I've never seen before.

First band was Chanter's Alley.

Next was Green Flame Boys.

Here's the Veggers.

Skasucks was the highlight of the show.

Goyang seems to be moving very fast.

Next band was Cockrasher.

I never noticed before, but Seungjun has pointed ears.

Next was Rux.

This was the first show for these three guys.

Next band was Rudy Guns.

And finally here's Oi Resolute, or just Resolute.

We stopped by Zion Boat after.

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