Totoro's Neighbourhood

I think this must be the deepest subway station in all of Seoul.

Interesting door.

At the edge, I couldn't quite tell how far the abandoned zone extends. Later I would confirm it stretches all the way to those highrises.

I started off in this limited corner of the zone.

Still a fair amount of activity, though it looks like everyone remaining is moving out.

Don't tempt me, button.

Oh look, a stereo.

Cop car.

When I got up here, I realised that I'd driven by this corner years and years ago and had gone to investigate this sign's claim.

I made it over to a highrise on the other side of the area where I could get an overview. The crater in the distance with the cranes is a previous abandoned neighbourhood I acquainted myself with back in 2011.

Everything is abandoned from the left to the corner on the right, stretching almost all the way to the crater.

Kind of an odd symbol. Anyone familiar with this albatross in German symbolism?

On the way back to the station, I ran into Totoro.

He offered to show me around but it was getting late so we decided to meet another time.

I found an evictee protest headquarters. There's a Buddhist temple right behind it.

Waiting for the bus.

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