...Whatever That Means Music Video

Here's Skinny hiding.

And here's Buckley in her box.

...Whatever That Means sets up in this room.

Then the stunt audience comes in.

Next, we went up to the roof for another scene.

Mingeun joined me on the higher part.

This is probably the most conservative picture of Goyang that exists these days.

"Seoul has no trees."

--people who lack awareness

Rooftop Mizno.

Someone apparently had called the cops, so Jeff and Trash went around and knocked on everyone's door, asking if it's okay they do the video.

The film crew sets up.

I got a lot of good Mizno pictures this day.


Jesse was there in spirit. And tattoo.

Going up the steps.

Jeff tore up an issue of Broke, with no cameras running. I had to find another for him to tear up.

Kiseok showed up near the end.

Naptime between takes.

Heimlich manoeuvre?

Ken's face.

As I'd intended, there were bits of torn-up zine everywhere.

Time to go.

I used this picture for the Korea Gig Guide writeup.

Looks like there's an audience.

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