Buster was purring like a chainsaw.

A view of Bukchon from a building whose roof I couldn't get onto. Didn't stop a security guard from running after me (and probably unlocking the roof entrance to try to find me).

Jogyesa seen from an adjacent roof. Fortunately they do not have that "[Japan]iting Korea" slogan up for real.

Uh, is that building abandoned?

More closed buildings, all under the Eye of Sauron.

A pool hall.

That was not what I was expecting to find when I left home that morning.

Up on the top floor was a more permanent home.

They left behind a fur coat.

The Eye of Sauron gazes down.

A better view of the offending slogan.

When I hear "fighting," I immediately think of Buddhism and happiness, as well as harmonic unification and easing of partisanship. I don't think of fighting.


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