First, let's check in on the Hanok "restoration" project I can see from my window. On the morning of the 29th they sent in this to clear it out.

And 24 hours later, they've successfully restored the empty space.

Walking down the street during the daytime.

Up at the back gate, I found these crudely made stone heads.

This staircase leads down from the back gate parking lot.

Looks like they're building a road here. I hope they finish before the rainy season.

Looking over the wall into the Rear Garden of Changdeokgung.

A dry stream leads in.

The path leads down to Jungang Middle/High Schools.

Over the fence, I can see into the grounds of Changdeokgung. This building is Shinseonwonjeon, which translates to "Fresh Nuclear."

More of the school grounds.

And coming out the front gate, I'm right in front of my home.

A few more images of the street.

Mixed in with all the little shops are still older businesses, like this sesame oil place.

Here's the nearest pizza place which is pretty good.

Wouldn't a baby angel just be a dead baby?

A few images out the window of a taxi heading home.

And there's Buster waiting for me and watching TV shows.

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