I was curious where those tunnels would take you.

The lights look like they're on but it's just sunlight.

Fairly tacky compared to the rest of the rides.

The roller coaster tracks are overgrown, and I think I see bamboo.

From the roller coaster.

I can see Will down there.

Here's an overview of the park. There are two guard dogs by the front gate seen in the upper right, one more in the lower right corner of the wide red building to the left of the gate, and a fourth larger one across the path, between the circular ride in the middle and the one with the plain grey canopy next to it.

You can see two guard dogs here (no, not dalmatians).

The food bowl of the bigger dog is in the lower left.

Apparently some other people got this ride working and took it on a full loop.

And I guess they call this "Chair Tower."

There's the big dog. He stopped barking and watched me.

The haunted house was emptied out.

He's not so mean. Once I gave him some beef jerky he was very friendly.

This dog on the other hand was extremely excited to see me.

This one would bark angrily but hide in his dog house.

This one was just submissive. He lured me into range of his leash, and did nothing aggressive. He ate my offered beef jerky when I wasn't looking.

But these two are the nicest.

Oh yeah, I'm supposed to be a cat person.

Will was taking dog pictures too.

A map of the park.

We called it Gay-a-Land, a Korean language pun on the Korean word for dog, nothing to do with gay people.

Interesting to see the guts of a turnstile. All that mechanism, just to push that little green button.

From up here you can see a lot of the region.

Looks like they still have plans to continue it. Or something.

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