The front of this place looks like a regular shopping mall.

From the side, it looks wide open, except that there are motion sensors here and there.

From the back, it's just a quick slide down a steep hill and you're in.

The classic sign.

In the distance you can see an iconic bridge.

At this point, I feel like I've seen enough abandoned ferris wheels.

There's Will.

Choey made it down but got a rash on her legs from some kind of plant we went through.

Abandoned log flume ride.

And merry-go-round. Most of the smaller rides had been moved away.

This lists all the rides.

This image of anthropomorphised desserts makes me uncomfortable.

I climbed partly up but not all the way.

Just enough to take this picture.

Then I climbed a bit higher.

There were tepees under the merry-go-round for some reason.

Seen from across the street.

The buildings here are unusual. Something about them doesn't seem Korean.

We came back a little later to see the last of the sunlight.

Back to the rooftop.

And last, here's a panorama of the whole thing.

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