This was one of the highest roofs around.

Looking down on the Hanoks by Anguk Station.

While I was here, another photographer came by.

There's that still empty embassy compound.

Looking toward Bukchon. I don't think my home is visible.

There were other people on the lower roof surface.

From here I noticed all the lanterns at Jogyesa.

Not as dangerous as it looks.

If you combine this with the last picture you'll get kind of a 3D effect.

As dark falls over Bukchon.

There was some kind of artist doing stuff in front of an audience at the entrance to Insadong.

The entrance to Jogyesa.

The temple guardian.

I didn't want to get closer to photograph the giant Buddha statues.

No tripod.


People only show up if they walk directly toward me or stand still.

While I took this an old man came up to talk to me.

These lanterns all bear the names of the people who donated to the temple.

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