I started my trip from the bus stop right inside the back gate of the university.

I found some interesting little crevasses around the arts building.

The law building has a very popular rooftop.

Looking east over the campus.

Another garden area on the arts building.

The 600th Anniversary Building and the International Building.

The Central Library.

Somewhere in that direction is my home.

On the left, that must be the school I can see from my window.

This is not a dry campus.

Looking out over the royal garden.

This is the neighbourhood right outside the university.

Looking back at the campus.

Here's the old campus in the foreground.

I'd seen images that could only have been taken from these buildings. They're on my list.

Where I am now is nice, anyway.

I can't find any information on what that place is in the foreground.

Looking back toward SKKU.

Looking in the direction of Dongdaemun.

This is pretty well the same angle as the picture I was curious about, making this basically a taint shot.

Great security here. There's a gate to prevent you from going higher. However, that railing isn't that high up.

Hansung's building.

And this is from another building down in the busiest part of the area.

Go! Steak

The science museum is in the lower right.

Looking toward Hyehwa Station.

Sunset over SKKU.

A net to catch jumpers.

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