This little cluster of buildings seems like it'll be the last thing standing.

Hole in the blankets.

In this image you can see Gwanseongsa, a Buddhist building of some kind that's still active.

And here's the newly closed embassy.

Back in front of the embassy.

Around the corner, the neighbours of the embassy are long gone.

There was one little spot in the middle of the whole area with a good collection of spring flowers.

Soulkee arrived and we decided to visit this nearby building that would give us a good view of the embassy.

An active church next door I wouldn't mind climbing.

The fun spiral staircase gave way to the terrifying ladder.

And there's the embassy.

This is what happens if you move your camera during a long exposure. Looks like a surprise attack.

Return fire!

Time to get down.

We will not be exiting through the parking garage.

Oh hi kitty!

Then we went to a restaurant to get...

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