I left Millie at home to do the laundry for me.

Pedicab in Bukchon.

I took this for the peeling paint and didn't even notice the spelling error until Photoshop.

An empty place in Bukchon.

Oh yeah, there's a palace over there.

I got up on a roof.

As you can see, there isn't a great deal of room on most of the roofs around here.

Not the kind of place I'd like to spend a lot of time.

Which one next?

Then I got a call from a friend. Oh yeah, I was supposed to actually go somewhere this weekend.

On the way home, I took a wrong turn and found another pizza place.

I like how honest the image on the bag is. Also, the cat seems to not be so happy on there.

Beer is now being sold with masks.

The lights were kept on late for a soccer game I think.

In the morning, I'm guessing that's Venus.

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