Heimlich County Gun Club's Last Show

The first band was Billy Carter. Jina was playing Paul's homemade cigar-box guitar.

Next was Chanter's Alley.

They had Trevor, their old bagpiper, back for this show.

I pointed my camera in Bomi's direction and she became very happy.

This is Yumi's last show with Chanter's Alley too.

I found a way to make John's bicep look even bigger.

Next band was Skasucks.

Goyang is getting ready to spit on someone. I kept behind Ken.


After the last time, I had to check this photo very carefully to make sure her panties weren't visible. One of the better parts of editing photos.

Are they dancing, or is Ken getting ready to shoot Jani's wrists?

Now here's Heimlich County Gun Club, still with Paul.

They do not look happy with me.

This guy with the torn clothes was really enjoying the show.

How do you like that for advertising, Redboi?

Their drummer Kevin had also returned to the country to finish up the recording and play a couple goodbye shows too.

Jinsuk joined HCGC for one song.

I wonder what he was telling Paul.

I like this one because of the amount of teeth on display.

A couple group photos after the show.

Then Paul brought out the acoustic and had a singalong.

John's turn.

Ken also played a bit.

I want to see more of Ken making music.

On the way out, saying bye to Lorne and Dwayne.

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