A bus drives by right as I take this.

Over in the quad.

This is not a dry campus.


The overcast conditions meant no shadows to get in the way of some building photos.

The two 495-year-old ginkgo trees.

A closer look at Myeongnyundang.

This would be nicer if I could hide the International Building.

One of my student interns remarked that she likes to sit here and pretend she's an ancient seonbi.

This is the entrance for kings when visiting the campus.

This structure protects Tangpyeongbigak, a formal notice against political factions on campus.

I was surprised to see the old campus doors opening.

They were preparing to do a small-scale ceremony.

Not expecting any kings then.

Setting up.

The interior of Daeseongjeon.

That's a pretty high chair.

Heading into the other part.

I'm not sure what this building is for but I like the wood colour.

Jonggyeonggak, Korea's oldest library.

This building was storage for physical education equipment, mainly for archery and I think some equestrian stuff too.

One of the dormitories.

Spring blossoms are starting to arrive on campus.

Back to Daeseongjeon where they're still slowly setting up.

These people came and performed a ceremony, but I missed it.

Inside the International Building lobby.

It goes a long way down.

Sea Sea World is like Sea World, only better because you can eat the sea creatures.

I'm now pretty sure this isn't burgers.

More spring blossoms. They opened up Bichondang but it was too busy when I walked by.

Setting up for something big in the old campus.

And then all the people arrived.

Celebratory bouquets.

It was seeing people in costume on campus.

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