Heimlich County Gun Club CD Release Show

We went to Burger B and ordered Big Rock Traditional. They brought us Guinness, and quickly realised their mistake and brought us the right beers a moment later. We have a few minutes of a lot of dark beer in front of us before they took away the Guinness and probably poured it down the drain.

Stephanie is back in Korea. I'm still not used to seeing her and Eileen apart from each other.

Ken sets up for a photo.

Janghyup and his girlfriend.

Paul was planning to auction off this cigar box guitar he made.

Yumi smoking electronically.

This almost became the Broke 17 cover image, but I decided the background was too loud.

A quick stop at a rooftop.

I only got one passable picture of ...Whatever That Means.

My priority that night was getting signatures.

Burke showed up.

Goyang may be the only Korean person who likes my photos of her.

The stairs were our secret place for collecting signatures.

Or maybe she doesn't like my pictures?

We came inside for Pinheads.

Jani Ramone did her part dressing up.

Ken really wanted to play without his shirt. The girls were against the idea.

This guy really loves the Ramones.

He decided to try to join the band.

Ken gets his shirt off.

I didn't get much of Animal Anthem.

Morgan poses for a test shot for the cover photo. I should've used this one.

I haven't seen a Booted Cocks shirt in years.

This was almost the cover photo but I didn't think my arms looked natural enough.

Cocktail hour means all the pictures from this moment on are less well remembered.

Rudy Guns.

Chad signs.

Everyone wants a piece of Nagi's keyboard.

And other band members.

If you mess with her keyboard, you might get what you're asking for.

Why did everyone give Ken candy?

Time for a White Party!

And Mixed Blood.

With a special guest appearance by Jay of Yuppie Killer, as a painting.

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